What kind of photography services do you provide?

Babies and children, High School Seniors, families, weddings, website photography, photo restoration, corporate, headshots, Photoshop editing, framing, and more.

How do I book my portrait session with you?

Babies and children, High School Seniors, families, weddings, website photography, photo restoration, corporate, headshots, Photoshop editing, framing, and more.

How long does a session take?

I try to give everyone as much or as little time as they need. For example a high school senior girl often takes 2 or more hours; a boy might want me to get it over in just want 20 minutes! I know families and website photographs are often on a strict schedule so I definitely try to adhere to that.

What do I get with my session?

Time and talent of the photographers, your personal viewing gallery, free editing on enlargements, conversion to black and white and a choice of filters on any photo of your choice plus delivery of the yearbook photo to the school for High School Seniors.

Can I bring my mom?

Absolutely! bring your Mom, Dad, Grandparents etc. Though if you’d like it to be your private experience, that’s great too

What do I wear?

Seniors can bring whatever clothing and props they prefer.  We’ll go over clothing choices and prioritize the combinations with the backgrounds and locations that we’ll be using. Families should try to coordinate with each other.  Don’t feel the need to all dress alike. In fact it’s more interesting to have a basic theme ex. solid jeans and or khakis with tops that compliment each other. Don’t be afraid to throw in some prints or stripes especially on the little ones. Just try not to wear an assortment of prints plaids and stripes that fight each other! (Bring extras if you’re not sure).

Do I need to order packages? Are minimum purchases required?

No at all. Actually, We give you the opportunity to purchase all enlargements a-la-carte. No narrowing it down to a just a few poses.  You can purchase any combination of reprints and products that you’d like with no minimums!

When do I pay for my sitting and do you take checks…how about credit cards?

The sitting fee is due at the time of the sitting and I do take both checks and credit cards.

What happens after the sitting?

I’ll post your own personal gallery on my website within a week. It can be open or protected with a password that you choose. From there you can choose any enlargements or products that we offer and have them shipped right to you if you’d like. Also choose your yearbook photo if you’re a senior.

There are so many choices. Can I come to you to help me with my decisions?

Of course! I’d be happy to meet with you and view your gallery on my monitor which is calibrated to look just like your finished prints.  I have programs to categorize your favorites, view them in black and white or sepia, show them as groupings and framed prints and even see (virtually) how they’ll look on your wall!

I’d like a CD of all of my proofs. Can I get that?

Yes, first let me explain that I prefer to have reprints created at my professional lab, which reproduces my work in the best possible quality. Having said that, I know that many families like to have the pictures to keep and use for future projects etc. So, CDs with copyrights are available for purchase ($50 for children, families, seniors; $150 for weddings) after an initial purchase of $100 in reprints, framed prints or products from us.

Can I share photos from my gallery with others?

Yes, the photos can be shared on Facebook or other social media directly from your gallery.

Why can’t I just print my own photos right from your website or take them to a discount printer?

The photos on your gallery are low resolution images used just for viewing purposes. The quality is not satisfactory for printing. In addition, I view every enlargement before it goes to the printer, crop if necessary and correct many blemishes and distracting elements from the photo so that it looks extra amazing when it comes to you! 

Will you travel to my house or a special place for our/my portraits?

Yes, I will. Even though I have lots of great spaces near my studio, I’ll gladly come to your house or another spot that you’d like. There are so many gorgeous places in our area…lakes, parks, Sonnenberg Gardens to name a few. Travel rates apply for out of the area. 

What if it rains?

I usually hold off on cancelling a shoot until an hour or so before because we all know how the weather is around here! If it’s a cloudy day, so much the better. The soft lighting of an overcast day makes your skin tone perfect and the color saturation rich and beautiful. If we do need to cancel, we can reschedule at a time that works for everyone’s schedule.

Is it fun?

It’s a blast! I personally love every minute of it and I get to share my wonderfully quirky (my kids might not agree) sense of humor. Many, many seniors are nervous and not quite sure what to expect when they arrive but by the end, there’s always thank you’s all around, laughs and hugs. Afterwards, I usually run, not walk, to my computer to upload and see what we’ve created together. I love my job!