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My fine art photography is available for sale in the Art Shoppe here at barbrathbun.com. It includes photographs that I’ve taken over the last several years from the Finger Lakes areas and on travels to Mexico and Europe. I took quite a few of the waterscapes from the unique vantage point of my kayak. This gives me the opportunity to quietly get close to waterfowl and also to capture some amazing reflections.
My travels to Europe and Mexico have given me a wealth of photographic opportunities as well. In some cases, the subject matter is something so unique to the region in Europe where it was taken but surprisingly, many of the European landscapes bear a resemblance to our own Finger Lakes terrain. This explains where Naples, NY got it’s name!

Some of my artwork is available in prints on professional photographic paper. The available sizes are listed with each photograph. A favorite technique of mine is to digitally filter or enhance photographs using Photoshop then print them on watercolor paper. These prints all bear my signature.

Enjoy exploring the Art Shoppe. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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